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Buying a Spitfire 1500

Tips on buying a Spitfire 1500. Not very technical, but just plain old advice from someone who's bought the car, blown the engine, knackered the gear box, rebuilt the rear end, read the book, and written the website!....More


Sources used for site


Technical Data

All the relevant data on the Standard Spitfire 1500 as Triumph indended it to be..... As we all know that is not how all 1500's end up!....Facts & Figs


Links to other triumph sites, including clubs, suppliers, chatboardsand resource centres.....Links


My 1500

Pictures of my pride and Joy - Taken Summer (?) 2000.....Pictures

History of the Spitfire

A brief history of all the spitfire models, including the subject of this website.....History Lesson!


753BJJ - The Story So Far

The Trials and tribulations of owning my spit - from naively buying a classic car, to rebuilding it only for a lorry to leave its handbrake off! Includes a european tour!....Drama & Crisis!





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